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Residential  TV installation or commercial television monitor installation for LCD or LED televisions and 3D TVs
Commercial monitor installation or residential TV installation for Plasma televisions, LED and 3D TV’s
Projector & Screen, Home Theater Installation Services for commercial or residential locations
Custom A/V Installation Services for residential or commercial locations including IPTV

Available with in each installation service:

Residential LCD or  LED TV installation or commercial display installation for HD LCD or LED televisions:

- HDTV, 3D,  LCD or LED television installed wall mounted or table top stand
– Integration of all audio and video equipment to your LED or LCD Television
– Wall mounted installation of your LED or LCD TV or commercial display.
– Ceiling mounted installation for business displays and residential 3D or standard LED or LCD TVs.
– Over fireplace or on fireplace mantel 3D TV, LED or LCD TV installation
– Outlet move or relocation behind your 3D TV, LED or LCD TV.

Commercial plasma display installation or residential plasma TV installation for  flat panel plasma televisions:

- Plasma television and displays installed on wall, ceiling or table stand
– Plasma TV, 3D Plasma TV or display screen color calibration available on request during installation.
– Plasma TV, 3D Plasma TV burn-in remediation (clearing Plasma screen of burn-in)
– Installation and integration of all audio and video equipment to the Plasma TV or 3D TV display.
– Outlet move or relocation behind your Plasma TV or 3D Plasma TV.

Projector & Screen, Home Theater, surround sound installation services for commercial or residential locations:

-  Projector and Projector Screen Installation
– Home Theater System integration
– Full integration of all audio, including integration of in-wall speaker systems.
– Includes integration of any type of video system including LCD, Plasma, DLP, LED, HD-ILA, HDTV or standard tube television.
– Programming universal remote controls