We do the work, so you can relax. We require that you, or a responsible adult party, be present during the installation, but that is all. You are not required to do anything, we do it all. Feel free to explain how you’d like the system set up if you have any preferences, otherwise, relax, the installer will take a few hours to perform the work and will demonstrate the system to you when he is finished.


Dish Network Installation

Mr.DVR Professional Installation is FREE with Dish Network. (Savings of $199 – Limited time offer.). So if you’re not technical, let our experts bring satellite television into your home for FREE!

We use Dish Network’s own nationwide network of certified local installers. They are prompt, courteous, and will bring everything needed to start your Dish Network service. Call us now to get an installation appointment that works best for you. In most cases you can be installed within 24-48hrs. It’s that easy!

Included in Standard Installation:

• Site survey (at time of installation)
• Assembly of dishes and mount(s)
• Grounding of system components
• System peaking for optimum performance
• Installation of up to 120′ RG-6 cable
• One wall cable penetration
• Testing of equipment for proper operation
• Programming and equipment orientation

Materials Provided At No Charge:

• Up to 120′ RG-6 cable
• Coaxial cable connectors
• Grounding equipment
• Weather sealant for connections and structure

After your Dish Network System is Installed

Once your Dish Network System is installed, the professional installer will demonstrate how to use the Dish Network System, including programming your remote(s) and any services associated with Dish Network. Installation of more than 4 receivers and custom installation is available for a charge.

Important: The account holder, or someone over the age of 18 authorized to make installation, payment and account decisions on behalf of the account holder, must be at home for the installation. If you live in an area governed by a Home Owners Association, installation of a Dish Network System may require pre-approval. If you are not the property owner, the installer must have approval from your landlord before starting the work.

Dish Network Installation FAQ

Where do you install the Dish Network Dish?

To receive Dish Network programming your home needs a clear view of the southern sky, unblocked by trees or buildings. Once that is determined, our professional installers mount the Dish Network dish in the most appealing location for your home, apartment, condominium or townhouse.

Can I get Dish Network programming if I live in an apartment or condominium?

Yes! All you need is a clear view of the southern sky, a private patio or balcony for the dish and prior approval from the manager of your home, apartment, condominium or townhouse. It’s a good idea to review your lease/rental agreement to confirm permission is not required prior to scheduling your installation.

How large is the Dish Network dish?

The satellite dish is small and either round or oval. It is about 20 inches wide by 18 inches tall. Please note: A larger dish may be required for certain areas of the country or for international programming.

How long will it take to get my equipment?

The DISH Network installer will bring the correct equipment with him to your scheduled installation appointment. Installations can occur as quickly as 24 – 48 hours after you place your order.

Can I use my existing wiring for DISH Network?

If the existing wiring in your house is RG-6 coax cable, you can use it to connect your DISH Network receiver to your satellite dish. If your existing wiring is not RG-6 coax cable, you will need to have the installer run new wiring. Because of the frequency of the digital signals it must carry, it is important that you use RG-6 coax cable.

The good news is the vast majority of cable TV wiring is RG-6. So if your house or apartment is wired for cable, you can be very confident DISH Network can use your existing wiring.